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Free money for preferred identities is the only way to reach equity utopia

In a harrowing tale of oppression, an MIT graduate student and union activist explains that the only way to end systemic racism in academia is to write him a check.

“Like many other first-gen grad students, my family was in no position to assist me, financially or otherwise. Immediately, I found myself alone in having to learn how to adapt to an environment characterized by individualism, prestige, affluence, and whiteness … I then realized that I felt not only isolated and insecure but also completely powerless to do anything about it on my own. These sentiments deepened when I took part in departmental diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) discussions on racism in academia.”

Going to graduate school is a basic human right, at least for the oppressed. Free tuition and an inadequate stipend is just not enough to allow students to enjoy a comfortable middle class lifestyle as they indulge their intellectual appetites on the way to joining the overeducated elite.

Won’t you please help marginalized and vulnerable Ph.D. candidates at the world’s most prestigious STEM university overcome exploitation, insecurity, and the horrors of MIT’s institutional legacy? Please follow the example of the Beaver and sign your union card today!

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