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MIT social impact internships teach MIT students to think like subsistence farmers

Once upon a time MIT graduates sent men to the moon, built hydroelectric dams that powered entire regions, constructed interstate highway systems to weave a nation together, and designed municipal water and sewer infrastructure that allowed cities with millions of people to thrive. Now they work on bicycle-powered irrigation pumps in urban community gardens growing culturally relevant vegetables to donate to the underprivileged.

Welcome to the PKG Public Service Center’s program for Social Impact Internship and its very diverse staff of associate deans, assistant deans, communications officers, and administrators. Working side by side with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and socialist enterprises students are encouraged to engage with communities of color to pursue racial justice, algorithmic justice, environmental justice, gender justice, and voting justice while being schooled in the pervasive ubiquity of inequality, privilege, and systemic oppression. Because building a better world requires understanding why Western Civilization was built upon a foundation of intractable evil.


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