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In order to save Democracy from misinformation, we need more mob rule

Classic SNL skit “More Cowbell” with music expert Bruce Dickinson aka Christopher Walken

Experts have declared “misinformation” to be the gravest threat to Democracy, because getting the mob to vote correctly now that legacy media has lost control of the narrative is proving increasingly challenging. Fact checking efforts coupled with social media censorship has fallen flat on its face as it has become impossible to hide the partisan bias of the fact checkers. With the credibility of experts crumbling and trust in media hitting all-time lows, what are defenders of Democracy to do?

Leave it to MIT professor of Management, Brain, and Cognitive Sciences David Rand to come up with a solution. More Mob Rule! Scientific models show that the best way to distinguish truth from falsehood is by inviting motivated partisans to vote on it. This will allow social media platforms to responsibly decide who to demonetize, deplatform, censor, cancel, and otherwise eject from the public square.

The key to making this work, according to the good professor, is to “screen out the small fraction of zealots who put partisanship above truth.” And how do we do that? Wait, wait … don’t tell me. Let’s vote on it!


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