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Nobel committee distinguishes itself by awarding Economics Prize to MIT alum

Not since the great humanitarian Yasser Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has the Nobel committee so profoundly displayed the nature of its wisdom, awarding this year’s prize in economics to the king of Quantitative Easing, MIT Ph.D. Ben Bernanke.

The settled science of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has proven that printing money and then successively pumping it into mortgage securities, bank bailouts, VC unicorns, the stock market, student loans, hedge funds, and the bank accounts of congressional inside traders –  then capping it off by paying people not to work after the government shuts down the economy –  is the key to prosperity.

They don’t call it the dismal science for nothing.

“Bernanke’s career has exemplified values that are central to MIT — personal integrity, analytical rigor, an uncompromising drive toward excellence and a commitment to public service,” lauded MIT’s president when Ben first took over the reins of the Federal Reserve.

Be like Ben. Even better than using other-people’s-money to Build a Better World is creating it out of thin air.


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