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MIT’s virtue-signaling leaders respond to Iranian repression with … crickets

MIT stands together against hate. Well, uh, most of the time.

If you are a member of any BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ identity group, know that MIT’s elite moral leaders have your backfeel your pain, and will fly your flag on every newsworthy occasion.

But if you are an Iranian woman murdered by Islamist tyrants because a lock of your hair was showing, or one of the hundreds of Iranian citizens that have been slaughtered after taking to the streets in protest, we’re so sorry. You’re on the wrong side of the intersectional solidarity boundary.

Intersectional solidarity is a powerful psychogenic force that zombifically binds together allied identity groups. Once tribal affiliations are cemented, Critical Theory teaches that your virtuous tribe and its allies can do no wrong, while their sinful tribe and its allies can do no right.

If allies of your virtuous tribe commit heinous acts that can’t be plausibly denied, the proper response is to look away while chanting protective slogans. In this case, ayatollahs and mullahs cannot be criticized because … Just say no to Islamophobia. Just say no to Islamophobia.

Kudos to MIT’s leadership for respecting proper woke guidelines as they Build a Better World.

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  1. Kevin

    Laughter the best n
    Medicine for wokeness. Glad you’re studying wokeology. Any comments on the ruse if the wokocratic party?



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