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MIT woke pentathlon champion nominated for elevation to sainthood

It’s not every day that an engineer who identifies as female comes along advocating for climate action, filing legal complaints against her own university, distributing socks to the homeless, and mobilizing progressive voters, all the while adopting equitable and inclusive processes. When you check that many boxes in the Woke Olympics it attracts special recognition.

Darya’s personal epiphany came “while installing solar panels in low-income communities in Los Angeles, alongside workers who had been previously incarcerated.” Talk about walking among the sinners and seeing the light! Beatification quickly followed via an MIT News Release singing her praises as the model student clearly destined to become one of the Elect.

A founding member of MIT Divest dedicated to harassing the MIT Corporation until it liquidates its investments in fossil fuel companies, Darya is learning how to work the levers of Democracy.

And what is our heroine doing now that she has graduated from MIT? Has she foresworn her high carbon footprint to join the Mother Teresa Center in Calcutta? Nope, she’s a highly paid consultant at McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC. Look for her soon on corporate boards seeking to boost their ESG scores.


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