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MIT navel gazing circles convened to face the climate crisis in solidarity

Do you feel daunted, drained, and lonely from your struggle to reckon with the climate crisis? Do you suffer from sleepless nights worrying about the way racism and Covid-19 interact with climate? Do the imperatives of justice and the intertwined problems of equity and economic transition haunt your dreams?

Have no fear, MIT’s Council for the Uncertain Human Future is here!

Let us help you master your existential anxieties through participation in our group therapy sessions. We implement a raft of psychosociological manipulations developed by Wellesley scholars who understand that climate breakdown defies normative approaches to problem-solving. Roughly 60 faculty and staff from across MIT have already participated in Council Circles, with many more scheduled in the coming months. Come share in the stunning breakthroughs that occur when communal practice encourages cognitive leaps.

If you think the Beaver made up a single word of this, you don’t understand the manner in which the School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Sciences is transforming MIT.

Photoshop credit: Jawad Baig


  1. Rick Collarini

    I just set my diploma on fire.

  2. Oscar Gordon

    I just set my diploma on fire.

  3. erasmuse

    Is the picture real too?


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