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Divide & Rule: MIT Employee Resource Groups (ERG) celebrate segregation

Photo source: Change.org petition demanding children be taught about British Colonialism

Taking a page from the playbook of British Colonialism, MIT encourages its employees and staff to coalesce into identity-based interest groups. What better way to foster the festering of grievances while advancing DEI hegemony?

“Separating people by characteristics like skin color, sexual preference, national origin, and gender is the best way to contribute to a sense of one community,” wokesplained the social engineering masterminds trained at the Orwell Academy of Contemporary Doublethink.

Got a proposal for an additional ERG to help proliferate this new Oppression Olympics caste system? The Institute Community & Equity Office is happy to accommodate you, as long you’re not advancing the agenda of a historical oppressor group. (Restorative justice demands that white heterosexual males and Anglo-Saxon Protestants must take their turn sitting in the back of the bus.)

As always, ERG thought leaders are encouraged to file anonymous reports ratting out fellow employees who roll their eyes, mock, or criticize the new social order so these unreformed refuseniks can be referred for mandatory re-education.

Story submitted by Tango.


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