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Meritocracy vs. Mediocrity. Should MIT be made to look like the rest of America?

The one thing that progressive elites agree on is that elitism is bad. Especially if the wrong people earn elite status through meritocratic advancement that rewards talent, productivity, and genuine accomplishment. Because meritocratic elites don’t look like the rest of America. And nothing is more important than forcing every institution to look like the rest of America. Except for the NBA because, get serious.

For the tenth straight year MIT has been ranked the world’s number one university, arguably making it the world’s most elite school. And yet, its own leaders repeatedly assert that MIT is systemically racist, insufficiently diverse, inequitable, deficient in inclusion, and morally compromised due to its legacy of slavery and colonialist oppression. This necessitates massive DEI staff hiring and mandatory student and faculty reeducation so mediocre bureaucrats with liberal arts degrees from lesser universities who could never survive MIT’s freshman year can reengineer its culture.

Give them enough time and they will eventually succeed making MIT look like the rest of America. Do you want fries with that?


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