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New and improved DEI 2.0 program with values and principles!

Is your DEI program getting stale.? Does it lack clear objectives beyond providing a talisman to mollify radical employees and ward off woke Twitter mobs? Has it become a divisive check-the-box exercise that never delivered the cornucopia of diversity-driven innovations experts promised?

Let the MIT Sloan Review show you how a scientific Values/Principles Model (VPM) can transform your business as successfully as woke imagineering revamped Disney.

Deep research on malcontent gripe sites like Glassdoor along with opinion surveys of trained seals were used to develop seven guiding VPM principles. As the acclaimed Marx once said (Groucho, not Karl) … “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I’ve got others.”

Build a moral case. “Saying DEI is right and wearing it on your sleeve” * proves your virtue.

Encourage willful interrogation. Provided no one offends preferred identities or challenges DEI.

Develop new mental models. ‘Cause you’re gonna get your mind right.

Adopt entrepreneurial leadership. Ride the wave of shameless opportunism driving the multibillion-dollar DEI industry.

Ensure accountability. Nothing entrenches orthodoxy better than rewards and punishments.

Be ambitious. “Treat DEI with the same zeal and energy as new product development.” *

Expand the boundary. Hire credentialed experts with MBAs so you can blame them when this all turns to offal.

* Real quotes from the Sloan article


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