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MIT’s holy trinity bless all nerds with admonitions of kindergarten kindness

President L. Rafael Reif, Provost Cynthia Barnhart, and Chancellor Melissa Nobles issued a first of its kind Values Statement directing all members of the MIT community to serve the nation and world, play nice, and report bullies to the hall monitor.

Doves were released as the MIT Logarhythms sang a round of kumbaya before being whisked off the stage after being accused of cultural appropriation.

Rising above the climate of fear and self-censorship that pervades a campus culture increasingly dominated by a phalanx of DEI deans, assistant deans, associate deans, directors, officers, consultants, and contractors supported by a surfeit of committees pursuing a variety of identity agendas, nothing signals virtue more strongly than publishing anodyne statements asserting one’s goodness, with a veiled warning to the wicked tucked in.

For a list of MIT’s growing DEI bureaucracy to whom all will be held answerable, click here.


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