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MIT Graduate Student Union instructed to go pound sand

MIT’s diverse graduate student workforce, which has been attempting to unionize seeking a safe and equitable work environment for all, was declared outside the inclusive umbrella of MIT’s DEI policies because … look, squirrel! Instead, MIT’s Chancellor and Provost have embarked on an anti-union campaign designed to keep uppity graduate students in their place.

Under modern indentured servitude contracts beyond the reach of protective labor laws, graduate students receive an advanced education in return for working as teaching assistants and lab slaves, on the promise that some lucky fraction may one day become lab-slave owners of their own. “Fat chance,” scoffed Joe Postdoc, 42, who has unsuccessfully applied for assistant professor positions at 497 different universities only to be told that despite his half-dozen publications in Science and Nature he did not have the proper BIPOCLGBTQIA qualifications.


  1. Jacqueline Pallas Gottlieb

    So much sympathize with this! Feel free to reply

  2. I'm the oppressive triple bad combo of white, straight, and the dreaded MALE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

    It’s a bit sad to see reputable institutions in the west, once a hallmark of ingenuity and reason, cave to neo-marxist thuggery.

  3. Qq

    Wow, this is really nothing, I would pity you if I thought you deserved any.

  4. lmao

    just total brain rot. go fuck yourself.


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