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Dean of Inquisition publishes updated Index of Forbidden Words

MIT Associate Dean of Inquisition today announced the publication of volume 12 of the Index of Forbidden Words. This critical update was painstakingly developed by a diverse and inclusive staff of thirty-seven deans, associate deans, assistant deans, and cunning linguists specially recruited from the Grievance Inculcation Department at Oberlin College to help MIT reform its shameful culture of oppression.

Students are advised to download the free Verboten™ app to pre-screen all their emails, texts, essays, and social media posts for words, phrases, acronyms, jargon, slang, problematic humor, cultural appropriations, or improperly applied pronouns that could get them anonymously reported on the Institute Microaggression Thoughtcrime Response (IMTR) hotline.


  1. Bill Charles

    Beware the Wokies. Their desperation to avoid confronting reality may drive them over the edge.

    • robertbrooksrbaccom

      One can only hope.


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