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The Burbling Beiber returns with another hit single: SHASS-ist Phony

Burbling Beiber SHASS-ist Phony

Our pungent piratical partner, The Burbling Beiber, returns for your musical listening pleasure. Check out his latest hit, SHASS-ist Phony, delivered with profuse apologies to Tommy James and the Shondells.

Give a listen and a laugh by clicking here as you sing along with the Beiber’s procacious hate speech lyrics.

Here she comes now, she’s a SHASS-ist phony.
Peddling her pile of Woke baloney.
Feminists hate rationality, now.
Because it’s all toxic masculinity; Patriarchy.

I say yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)
Yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)

We use big words to sound academic.
Normative, reify, epistemic.
It makes no difference if our facts are true, now.
We just need to sound smarter than you; It’s all voodoo.

I say yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)
Yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)

Do our thoughts have credibility, now?
Depends upon your gullibility, now.
What’s the best thing that we could do now?
Just sell the whole mess to Harvard U, now! Or the zoo.

I say yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)
Yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)

Oh, we love the Money, mon, mon, Money.
Yeah, we love the Money, so much Money.
We think it’s funny, so much Money.
It’s like we found the Easter Bunny.

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