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Inside MIT’s Woke Grooming Programs

MIT Student Life DEI

Want to know how MIT’s DEI politico-academic complex spends students’ tuition money, not to mention the millions of dollars of “overhead” raked off of professors’ research grants? Check out the MIT Intercultural Engagement Office (MITIXE). It’s one of the many cultural, spiritual, and psychosexual grooming services inside MIT’s Division of Student Life dedicated to the Wokeification of America’s future scientists and engineers.

MITIXE “engages the community in conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion” by hosting a myriad of proselytizing programs it showcases in its newsletter. Consider subscribing if you want to keep track of what’s really going on at your alma mater.

Identity 101 is a 90-minute interactive PEP workshop to introduce concepts of identity. Choose your tribal identity wisely, as this is an essential step of Belonging.

Perhaps you need some LGBTQ group therapy to help decide whether you were born in the wrong body and need to have some organs chopped off? MIT Medical is here to help, with a staff of 14 dedicated LGBTQ health professionals standing by to refer you to local surgeons. Surprise your parents by coming home for Thanksgiving as a whole new you.

Or maybe you’re a nascent Creative Regal Woman of kNowledge? Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islanders, and other minoritized ethnicities are invited to become empowered. Anyone who was born as or identifies as a woman is welcome. Unless you are White.

This is just a tiny sample, there’s so much to explore in MIT’s Wide World of Wokeness!

Story suggest by The Pulse

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