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MIT Gender Identity Initiative remakes campus culture through big data

Rolling out MIT’s new Belonging, Achievement, and Composition plan requires a total information systems revamp, enabling all community members to benefit from the lived experience that identity is destiny. This task requires a Gender Identity Initiative (GII) steering team and working group comprised of 23 highly paid administrators skilled in the science of gender navigation and reporting.

In order to help Departments, Labs, and Centers educate themselves about new mandates that will soon dictate compliant language and behavior, see this handy new GII DLC Guide. This guide will walk you through the evolving standards governing how to ask about sex, gender, and preferred pronouns in order to best record and track this data, allowing the Institute Community & Equity Office to assess diversity, equity, and inclusion performance. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid violations when binarizing gender for mandatory federal reporting.

We trust you will embrace these ever-changing guidelines in the spirit of belonging. Our Fall GII Update outlines progress made to date, justifying the millions of dollars MIT spends on its enormous and rapidly growing administrative staff.

And if you think the Beaver is making any of this up, see George Orwell.

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