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The BIPOC-FEM-LGBTQing of Philosophy

Queen Boudica School of Athens

Seeking malleable minds for her jihad against reason, free speech, and toxic masculinity, MIT’s Edsel Professor of Misgendered Studies plays academic philosophy’s Queen Boudica each summer at PIKSI, a joint diversity and inclusion program run by MIT, Harvard, and Boston University.

The heteropatriarchy must be cleansed of the influence of dead white males whose philosophies created Western Civilization, the most oppressive culture in human history. If the field hopes to achieve its full woke potential, Philosophy’s future must be molded by victimology-trained underrepresented cadres.

MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism (SHASS) was an early and enthusiastic supporter of PIKSI-Boston, providing the seed money. “This would not be possible without Sally Haslanger. She is a force of nature,” her acolytes gush.

The program focusses on mentoring bright young women, BIPOCs, and LGBTQs who feel alienated by the predominately white, upper-class culture of academic philosophy. Encouraging them to pursue PhDs is the best way to save them from the tragedy of leading productive lives.

Empowering the next generation of philosophers, fighting off feelings of inadequacy that often come from following the DEI path through life, is the program’s overarching goal. That and rubbing elbows with DEI-statement gatekeepers who can offer an inside track on grad school acceptance and faculty hires.

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