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Got wokeist math? Sing along with the Gabbling Geezers

Dismantling racism in mathematics instruction is the latest thing in woke pedagogy, sure to improve MIT’s applicant pipeline. Not to be outdone by the Burbling Beiber, the Gabbling Geezers celebrate this movement with their hit version of Two Plus Two. You can give a listen here.


Two plus two, is it true
That the answer’s something new.
Can anybody still do math?

Is it five, is it three?
It all depends on equity.
We must erase this racist math.

Now if you want to plan a river span
In old London town.
Teach your class Wokeist math.
Watch London Bridge come falling down.

It’s all new rules in your schools
Competence is just for fools.
Will anybody still teach math?

<musical interlude>

Two plus two, what you knew
Simply is no longer true.
Can anybody still do math?

Do they lie? Do they hate?
Do numbers discriminate?
Will anybody still do math?

In order to ensure the poor stay poor
Teach them two and two’s not four.
Keep those kids in poverty.

So, if you think Pi is three
Will that do for MIT?
Can anybody still do …
Do we have the will to …
Force feed the Red Pill to – MATH?

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