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MIT hosts a Woke Chemistry festival to advance the careers of fellow travelers

MIT Woke Chemistry DEI

Are you a post doc looking for a fast track to a faculty position at MIT or other leading STEM institutions? Are you a staunch opponent of colorblind meritocratic standards, instead adhering to the identitarian philosophies that now prevail on most university campuses? Do you want to do your part to advance the long march through the institutions to its final victory?

Then come to the 2023 MIT Chemistry Future Faculty Symposium and learn how to leverage your demonstrated contributions to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion into a tenure track job.

It’s not enough to merely be a certified member of the BIPOC-LGBTQ community, guaranteed preferential treatment in all hiring decisions. You must also burnish your credentials as a passionate social justice advocate determined to destroy the cisheteropatriarchy, decolonize science, and embrace other ways of knowing.

All applications must include “a brief statement addressing how your scientific trajectory has been formed by your background and identity, and how your scholarship, teaching, and/or other experiences have demonstrated a commitment to diversity.”

The future of advanced chemistry research and teaching cannot be left to those who haven’t taken the DEI loyalty oath!

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