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MIT SOLVE Challenge award winning flowerpot hats fight climate change

MIT SOLVE Challenge award

Inspired by MIT’s Roofscapes startup dedicated to making cities more climate resilient by perching flowerpots on everyone’s roof and led by an all BIPOC-LGBTQ team from MIT’s Design Justice and Trashion Clothing fashionistas, this year’s top SOLVE Challenge honors go to Ophelia Chapeaus, the first headwear company dedicated to saving the planet.

“Science justice requires that we all do our part to keep life on earth from being destroyed in the next 20 years,” lectured MIT student Insanus Mulier, double majoring in Climate Science and Druid Studies. “Our organic living hats recycle carbon every minute of the day. Computer models developed by settled scientists at EAPS indicate that if every human on earth wore a flowerpot on their heads global temperatures would be reduced by .01 degrees, which is far more than what’s being delivered by programs from MIT’s Office of Sustainability.

SOLVE’s executive director Hala Hanna, former gal Friday for saintly humanitarian Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, praised the innovative startup. “Living under the imminent threat of extinction caused by greedy fossil fuel companies has inspired an entire generation.”

Hat tip to Slice of MIT

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