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Earth and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) is MIT’s woke sanctuary city

EAPS is MIT’s woke sanctuary city

You might think climate scientists have their hands full making the most of the bonanza of attention, prestige, and funding that has come their way since convincing politicians, corporations, the media, and a rising generation of neurotic youth zombified by a relentless campaign of doom insisting that we’re all going to die so you’d better stop having babies, shoot all the cows, and start eating bugs while you freeze in the dark.

But that’s not enough for MIT!

Along with fomenting Twitter mobs to cancel scientists that question DEI, EAPS has an entire program devoted to antiracism, decolonization, two-eyed seeing, indigenous ways of knowing, wiping racist names off the map, empowering underrepresented genders, promoting feminist theory in science, and eliminating extraction. (Gonna make it tough to build windmills, solar cells, and batteries without mining, but nevermind.) It’s called TIDE – Towards Diversity & Inclusion in EAPS – and their spring reading series focused on broad Belonging, Accessibility, Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (BAJEDI) has just begun.

So come join the fun, feel better about yourself, and strike a pose for a better world. And don’t forget to take your meds.

Story suggested by Mark Felt

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