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NBA racist? No, white men can’t jump. Not enough black students study rocks? Racism!

Disparate impact analysis contends that if the racial composition of any field doesn’t match that of the general population, the cause must be systemic racism. And the remedy must be hiring more Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion administrators who can publish papers alleging systemic racism, review mandatory DEI statements, and train the next generation of DEI administrators.

“The geosciences are among the least diverse STEM fields in the United States, with almost 90% of doctoral degrees awarded to White people. And racial diversity in PhD-level Earth scientists has not improved over the past four decades, with faculty of colour holding only 3.8% of tenured or tenure track positions.” Thus wokesplains the Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MIT’s School of Science, lambasting her White colleagues for their social justice failures.

Half a century of affirmative action has done little to change this. The obvious solution is to hire more administrators to keep doing what hasn’t worked while making everyone around them feel bad. Because persistent failure, collective guilt, and strident identity politics builds community, increases belonging, and improves racial harmony.

Story suggested by Mark Felt

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