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A black hole at MIT is sucking down money, talent, and resources

At MIT, Critical Race Theory is so much more than a cozy sinecure for ranting humanities professors. That’s because Chancellor Melissa Nobles has declared MIT, Western science, and a vast range of American institutions systemically racist. She and her DEI minions will not rest until all of MIT’s resources are harnessed to decolonize, indigenize, and restructure the world around racial identitarianism.

The effort brings together activists from all five schools and the Schwarzman College of Computing at MIT, pursuing social science research informed by righteous ideology pointedly designed to influence government and corporate policy.

Make no mistake, the Initiative for Combatting Systemic Racism (ICSR) is a techno-political juggernaut engaged in intellectual cleansing on a global scale. A cornucopia of funding is available for fellow travelers seeking a ride on the social justice gravy train.

To make sure no criticism stands in her way, Chancellor Nobles was recently tasked with implementing the new Free Expression Statement belatedly adopted by MIT. Way to go, Melissa! Al Sharpton could learn a thing or two from you. Surely some university somewhere would love to recruit you as its president. Hopefully as soon as possible.

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