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MIT writing requirement incorporates anti-racism ideology in every class

MIT writing requirement incorporates anti-racism

“Anti-racism is something we must recommit ourselves to every day, in every class, in every book, talk, meeting, and plan.” Thus speaketh the empowered social engineers who dictate the curriculum of MIT’s mandatory writing requirement.

How could you become a productive scientist or engineer without atoning for the sins of MIT’s sordid past? Accept your immutable identity-determined burden of cis-heteropatriarchal white privilege! We train every student to dismantle the social inequalities responsible for the fact that every presently favored racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual-predilection identity group is not proportionately represented in every human endeavor.

As Chancellor Melissa Nobles, MIT’s chief critical race theorist, continues her ideological cleansing of STEM, accepting new ways of knowing, new ways of speaking, and new ways of thinking must be complemented by new ways of writing. This goes beyond using preferred pronouns and avoiding forbidden words. We must deconstruct traditional power structures until we overturn the oppressive foundations of every institution.

Correspondingly, those in favored identity groups will master the art of weaponizing the written word. Learn how to induce a protective crouch in anyone who dares question your lived experience.

The pen is mightier than the truth!

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