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MIT social engineers call for indigenous and antiracist technology

What the world needs most is empowered social entrepreneurs seeking social justice through the use of social engineering based on social science, since socialism has never really been tried. Advocacy is never enough, because other people’s money always runs out before social utopia arrives.

MIT SOLVE to the rescue! This proud female led legacy of lame duck president L. Rafael Reif has a “vision for an antiracist and Indigenous future in the US.” If you are an indigenous black or brown entrepreneur, come to the Indigenous and Antiracist Innovators Summit in Minneapolis and be sanctified.

Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome from too much cashing in on your identity in a DEI-driven world that promotes equity over achievement? SOLVE feels your pain.

The first day’s session is devoted to sharing “thoughts, advice, and perspectives for young professionals of color struggling with imposter syndrome.” Learn from imposter experts how to demand “ways in which institutions and corporations can meaningfully create inclusive spaces where people of color are comfortable, confident, and seen.” Ultimately, everyone can’t help but see the real you. Yes, indeed.

Story submitted by Publius.

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