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MIT promotes Your Queer Career. And so much more.

To appreciate the values of the world’s leading STEM university, understand that identity is destiny. For example, take a look at how MIT’s Career Advising & Professional Development office turns immutable characteristics into monetizable assets.

Employers have to hit certain DEI targets. Those that don’t are not welcome to recruit at MIT. We even have special software to detect gender bias in their job ads! And if you’re fortunate enough to be queer, an immutable characteristic anyone can choose just like gender, we have special programs just for you.

Are you a cisgendered white male that doesn’t qualify for any of our certified affinity groups? Step this way to receive your mandatory reeducation. Learn how to sit quietly in the back of the class stifling your toxic masculinity as you contemplate your inherited privilege and irradicable guilt. Accept your obligation to hire underrepresented graduates should you ever be in a position to atone for the sins of your ancestors.

MIT is a welcoming community dedicated to Belonging, Achievement, and Composition. Look for future improvements in our Diversity Dashboard as we fine tune our Big Data tracking software to make sure no one escapes the equitable gaze of social justice.

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