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Anorexia-affirming care is the next frontier in aberrant psycho-liberation

MIT anorexia-affirming vomitorium

MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts and Socialist Sciences has long partnered with MIT’s burgeoning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion bureaucracy to disempower the hegemonic normative orthodoxy, ushering in a boundless age of Excellence, Belonging, and Community. Victory has been achieved valorizing the desire to chop off body parts in pursuit of identity affirmation, elevating what was once considered a mental illness into both a civil rights and a healthcare issue. But the work of social justice liberation is never done.

The time has come to circle back and rescue the overshadowed anorexics and bulimics of yesteryear, normalizing their body management choices as a valid form of identity self-expression. Hence, we are pleased to announce that lame duck president L. Rafael Reif has declared August “Puke Pride Month,” ordering facilities management to install vomitoria across campus to accommodate our regurgitant brothers and sisters.

Please share a technicolor yawn with us as we worship at the porcelain altar in solidarity.

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