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Fully Feminizing STEM and MIT

Fully Feminizing MIT

DEI rhetoric boasts about boosting underrepresented minorities while normalizing an alphabet soup of ever more exotic gender deviants. But if you look at achieved results rather than stated intentions, a different picture emerges.

Women have comprised the majority of college students since 1982. They have earned more PhDs than men since 2006. MIT’s admissions office has been artificially gender-balancing incoming freshman classes since at least 2001. Take a good look at the published government data covering the last 20 years of MIT admissions. No amount of gaslighting about the “superior female applicant pool” can explain away the blatant discrimination against males.

Women dominate the social sciences and have achieved parity in the life sciences. At MIT, they occupy the bulk of the administrative positions and social activist programs. Only the hard sciences and engineering remain majority male.

Right-minded people know that disparate outcomes such as this can only be due to systemic bias and discrimination. (Except for MIT admissions, because – wave hands here.) So much as mentioning the possibility that men and women have different strengths and interests can trigger cancellation.

And so, we applaud MIT’s top female leaders – the President, Chancellor, Provost, and Faculty Chair – for demanding more. Until women are proportionately represented in every endeavor, demasculinization must continue. (Except for dirty and dangerous jobs, of course, which are reserved for deplorables.)

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