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Uyghur surveillance featuring MIT AI

Uyghur Surveillance

At the same time MIT Sloan school is sounding the alarm on AI, launching a Global AI Observatory (GAIO) staffed with experts dedicated to protecting us from Skynet, experts across the hall are on the payroll of a sanctioned Chinese company developing neural network facial recognition technology used to monitor dissidents. As Schwab the Great lays out in his explanations of the global technocratic utopia that lies ahead, “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid.”

Ain’t it swell to be an expert in the employ of the high and mighty? As we know, the most important question to ask when analyzing the ethics of applying expertise to build a better world is – is your money green?

Gobbling baksheesh from sanctioned Russian oligarchs, giving them a seat on MIT’s corporation board, was hunky dory until, oops, that was then and this is now. Same for MIT Media Lab’s great benefactor Jeffrey Epstein, whose implosion at least resulted in then President Reif scrambling to save his job by hiring six new DEI deans. Who says good things can’t come from bad judgement?

At the root of it all is the seasoned ability to hold others to standards you don’t apply to yourself. Without doublethink and newspeak the greatest STEM university in the world couldn’t play its rightful part in the New World Order.

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