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Urban Planning and the New NetZero Man

New NetZero Man

Move over, New Soviet Man. Meet the New NetZero Man.

Experts at MIT’s Media Lab CityScope Project are using advanced computer models and a Lego SimCity planning platform to redesign your urban spaces, your life, your work, your diet, your priorities, and ultimately your values.

PhD architects and social scientists can do this by reducing every aspect of human existence down to numerical environmental, economic, and social parameters subject to hyperlocal optimization. The overarching goal is to reduce your yearly carbon budget by a factor of eight down to your fair share of total global emissions. Once these solutions are universally adopted it will allow everyone on the planet to live equitable managed lives while keeping the earth from warming by more than 2 degrees.

You will live in a 100 square foot micro-apartment in a 15-minute city eating a 100% locally grown plant and insect-based diet. You will not drive a car because shared community bicycles and urban mass transit will meet all your transportation needs. Nor will you ever fly anywhere as this privilege is reserved for experts who must meet in exotic locations to plan your life.

Don’t be a social science denier. MIT is determined to build a better world, and your compliance is necessary.

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