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MIT social scientists improve fleshbot performance with generative AI

MIT AI replaces humans

Replacing humans with computers doesn’t happen overnight. The first step is turning workers into fleshbots with as little agency as possible tied to scripts developed by compliance and efficiency experts that guide their every move. And not just call center operators. Walk into any bank branch and ask a “vice president” to fix a banking problem to observe this in action.

Can generative AI goose the performance of fleshbots while assuring they comply with all the diktats and mandates handed down from on high? In a breakthrough study titled Generative AI at Work MIT social scientists learned that the answer was yes, at least for low-skilled novice customer support agents.

Think how useful this will be after colleges eliminate all objective standards trying to evade the Supreme Court’s ruling outlawing race-based admissions. Future doctors and engineers chosen for having the right mix of identity characteristics and adversity scores, trained at universities whose standards have been downscaled to make sure everyone gets a diploma, can now be guided by ChatGPT.

So stop worrying that the DEI takeover of STEM will cause planes to fall from the sky and doctors to kill people. Artificial Intelligence is arriving just in time to substitute for the real thing.

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