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Belonging, Achievement & Composition Plan must now adopt the one-drop rule

MIT Belonging Achievement Composition

The Supreme Court may have killed affirmative action, but DEI is forever.

Only cisheteropatriachal science deniers believe gender is binary. Achieving Belonging at MIT while satisfying aggressive Composition targets requires that all students, faculty, and staff accept that gender is a spectrum unrelated to biology. Every individual must be free to identify anywhere on the gender spectrum, and all members of the community must affirm that choice on pain of denunciation, investigation, and defenestration.

Race is different. Some people are born immutably white while others are born immutably BIPOC. Critical Race Theory holds that the former are collectively responsible for all past, present, and future oppression of the latter. Nothing the Supreme Court says can change that.

You can see why MIT needs to continue employing 150 DEI officers to educate, remediate, and castigate anyone with cognitive dissonance who refuses to simultaneously accept both of these undebatable truths.

To clear up any confusion it is imperative to objectively assign race based on scientific biological principles rather than self-identification. Social justice demands that deserving beneficiaries of anti-racism be clearly distinguished from perpetrators of racism – conscious, unconscious, or systemic. Imposters who unfairly claim BIPOC identity seeking its numerous advantages must be outed and properly classified. By what standard, you ask? The only logical choice is the scientific principle of hypodescent and the one-drop rule.

We eagerly await codification of this standard as the widely acclaimed Belonging, Achievement, and Composition strategic plan moves into implementation at the world’s leading STEM university.

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