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Babbling Beaver seeks Photoshop wizard to join our pirate crew

Babbling Beaver seeks Photoshop wizard

When the Beaver first set sail to skirr the savage seas of MIT midwit mockery we were blessed with the talents of a lusty lad who could whip up fake photos to adorn our barbed lampoons. Alas, the young man graduated and got a real job, leaving us bereft of the artistic capacity to accompany our pungent prose with vituperous visuals.

Do you have the Photoshop skills to jump into the breach and lend your hand to our sacred mission of tormenting the woke minions who have taken over the world’s leading STEM university? Perhaps you are a cranky old alum tired of shaking your fist at clouds who might better enjoy conjuring up scurrilous fake photos designed to make the miserable minions’ heads explode. If so, drop a line to and let’s see what you can do. All we can offer is a hearty “Aargh,” the admiration of our fans and subscribers, and pseudonymous photo credit, if such accolades suit your fancy.

The Babbling Beaver is an equal opportunity malapert.

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