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Miss Grundy from the National Academies delivers stern #MITShutDownSTEM lecture


In what has become an annual tradition celebrating #MITShutDownSTEM Day, MIT’s DEI Industrial Complex gathered the faithful to hear an instructional lecture on Diversity Science and the consensus of the experts on mandates derived thereof.

Now available on streaming video, Professor Susan T. Fiske from Princeton’s department of Psychology and Public Affairs made it clear that there was much work to be done to eliminate the systemic racism responsible for the underrepresentation and insufficient empowerment of oppressed minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine.

White perpetrators, which she prefers to label Gatekeepers, were fingered as the responsible parties whose implicit biases must be eliminated before justice and equity can prevail. Every professor must be evaluated on their diversity performance, which should be part of their job description. Standardized testing must be de-emphasized. “Lived Experience” and “Indigenous Ways of Knowing” are the new scientific method. And scientists must be forced to do their research work in diverse teams to accustom them to the new world order in which people of color are destined to become the majority.

After the lecture a Lived Experience Testimonio was shown titled “Can We Talk” mandating best practices to assure Belonging. The experts have spoken, so follow the settled science or get out!

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