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MIT racism research award winner pursues “witnessing” via comic books

MIT racism research award

As one of the many woke-induced self-flagellation programs introduced by past president L. Rafael Reif, MIT made a $1M virtue commitment to fund antiracist “research” supporting race-essential evangelism at the School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism.

This year’s program awards funded Witnessing Comics for Social Justice, a project by comic book impresario Mauricio Cordero, who will “explore issues of social justice such as racial and gender equity, climate change, and economic inequality” with local high school children. Combining his expertise with the gravitas of Professor Kenneth Manning and the inside-track of Harvard-trained assistant DEI dean Tracie Jones-Barrett proved a winning grant strategy.

Witnessing has a long tradition among missionaries preaching the gospel. Witnessing in the service of preaching the irredeemable wickedness of the white man and the evils of capitalism is not cultural appropriation. Promulgating ideological propaganda through the medium of comic books is not a mockery of scientific research. Funding this project as an act of appeasement tokenism at the world’s leading STEM university does not make a laughingstock out of the administrators responsible.

The Beaver remains challenged turning the new reality at his alma mater into satire.

Story suggested by Mark Felt

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