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The new MIT Museum celebrates f*cking the patriarchy with female semen

MIT Museum f*cking the patriarchy

Thinking about visiting the MIT Museum to learn about MIT’s proud heritage of scientific breakthroughs livened up with memorabilia from those immortal student hacks? Think again.

Not wanting to be left out of the woke cultural revolution, museum curators are determined to assault the oppressive cisheteropatriarchy and its antiquated notions of biologically determined sex and gender. Behold an exhibit of multidisciplinary art and “science” called ‘In Posse’ – a mission to make ‘female’ semen.

“Throughout history, semen has been revered as a magical substance – a totem of literal and symbolic potency. The project In Posse aims to rewrite this cultural narrative; to use art and science to collaboratively disrupt the patriarchy by making semen from “female” cells.”

Learn how artist and lecturer Charlotte Jarvis is pursuing hybridization and magic using biological material donated by multiple women, trans, and gender non-binary people to develop a female form of seminal fluid that can be used in a series of re-enactments of the ancient Greek women-only pig sacrifice festival of Thesmophoria. Watch the video of ejaculating female seminal fluid as the narrator explains “We are f*cking the patriarchy.”

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