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MIT refuses to defend its DEI policies. Commercial DEI operators step into the ring.

MIT’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industrial complex – numbering over 100 deans, assistant deans, associate deans, program directors, bias investigators, case managers, community equity officers, administrators, support staff, contractors, and engaged faculty – reportedly declined – an opportunity to defend MIT’s policies in the Great DEI Debate. And why should they? With the mandate of heaven behind them they are answerable to no one, their bully pulpits secure.

The proposition to be debated in this upcoming Oxford Union style cage fight is – “Resolved, academic DEI programs should be abolished.” That such heresies can be discussed without being shouted down is sure to strike fear in the hearts of entitled social justice warriors. But a backlash is growing, with 13 state legislatures considering banning DEI.

Thankfully, a pair of plucky commercial DEI professionals volunteered to step into the ring to defend identitarian preferences. We wish them luck handling the barrage sure to greet them from the Manhattan Institute Massacrater and her wingman, the McGill Woke Terminator.

Make sure to tune in to live coverage here at 7:30pm Eastern Time on April 4th. Peak DEI is here.

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