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Mushroom wisdom wielded by MIT anthropologists to decolonize biology

MIT anthropologist mushroom wisdom

As the woke waters continue rising from the fever swamps of MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism the Department of Anthropology has taken on the challenge of decolonizing biology, yet another step on the road to overthrowing the oppression unleashed by the Enlightenment.

How do our intrepid anthropologists plan to do this? By invoking the primal consciousness of Matsutake mushrooms as channeled through Potawatomi indigenous ways of knowing. Featured speaker Dr. Michael J. Hathaway seeks to “dethrone the idea of humans as fundamentally and qualitatively different from all other living beings.” Because if you think you’re any better than a slime mold you haven’t been properly educated.

Ignoring the incredulous guffaws coming from observers not under the influence of mushrooms the good doctor explained that “fungi are perceiving and interpretative beings that are shaping the world through their everyday actions.” As the old saying goes, mushrooms thrive in the dark being fed a diet of bullshit. Perhaps this explains what happened to MIT’s Anthropology Department.

If you think the Beaver made any of this up you are not clicking on the links.

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