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MIT “Poet of Code” spearheads the Algorithmic Justice League

MIT Algorithmic Justice League

When the Beaver concocted the AI Reparations Algorithm little did he know that an MIT digital celebrity and her band of comic book inspired superheroines already occupied the high ground. The Algorithmic Justice League is dedicated to fighting computerized villainy, uncovering systemic gender and racial bias in AI systems that perpetuate the hegemony of the white cisheteropatriarchy.

Joy Buolamwini updates Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a woman?” as she poetically skewers facial recognition programs that fail to accurately judge gender. Because misgendering is as oppressive as slavery.

But what, exactly, is a woman? Even supreme court nominees can no longer answer that question. If gender is a spectrum, a choice, a fluid self-identification, and the pinnacle of oppression is now occupied by transgendered mummers who proudly defy binary classification, what’s the algorithm for delivering facial gender justice?

I’m confused.

Maybe you are too. Maybe we’ve been transported into a Bizarro World where words no longer mean what they once meant. Words like justice, harm, equity, and woman. Maybe malevolent forces have taken over our institutions, turning us against each other as they drive humanity insane.

Or maybe it just seems that way.

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