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MIT Poetic Justice Group creates art at the scale of injustice

MIT Poetic Justice Group

How do we make urgent art in the space between feeling and fact? How can we create art at the scale of injustice? How do we create interdisciplinary creative proposals—employing prompts, challenges, collaborations—that explore what poetic justice—new forms of justice through art —could look and feel like for BIPOC communities in the climate crisis?

Who knows. But MIT’s Poetic Justice Group offers full employment for academics that can help MIT goose its BIPOC faculty numbers. And it helps pad out the course load for SHASS graduate students who can’t do long division.

Learn how to use the Medicine Wheel, sometimes knows as the Sacred Hoop, and the Four Directions – as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree – to explore native people’s concepts of health and healing.

Respond to the climate crisis through words, images, sounds, and objects in conversation with the four elements and their ill effects on marginalized and underserved communities. Have a conversation with ancestors who were stewards of the environment and their descendants.

If you think the Beaver made up a word of this, click through the website and see for yourself how DEI is transforming the world’s leading STEM university.

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