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Enshrining settled science via storytelling at the new MIT

Enshrining settled science via storytelling

Remaking a scientific culture shaped by the Enlightenment doesn’t happen overnight. It takes the faith and fervor of a Great Awokening.

Rejecting the hegemonic oppression of objectivity while demonizing challenges to Settled Science, substituting truth derived from lived experience, is the key to creating a harmonious community. As Joseph Goebbels proved, repeated application of high-powered storytelling anchored in identity lays the groundwork for the acceptance of approved dogma. MIT’s richly funded Institute Community & Equity Office advances the cause by sponsoring storytelling lunches to help the Climate Scientists that cancelled Dorian Abbot hone their craft.

Using Valentine’s Day to perform such pedagogy is quite fitting because love conquers all! Which means, in the words of MIT’s ICEO, that “we must accept responsibility for identifying and eliminating behaviors and habits that undermine the sense of belonging for any member of our community.” Recontextualizing free speech as hate speech is the surest way forward.

Come watch Kirsty Bennett, founder of MITell, a storytelling program for MIT and the Manager of the MIT Women’s League, as she plies her craft on Tuesday, February 14th. Register here.

Story suggested by Mark Felt.

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