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MIT librarians train climate catastrophists to control the Wikipedia narrative

MIT librarian climate catastrophists

When sanctifying Settled Science, properly managing the public narrative is more important than subjecting the science to rigorous analysis. You can count on MIT’s diverse librarians, training woke minions to swarm the Wikipedia editing process.

Get your mind right at MIT’s Wikipedia edit-a-thon on climate change. Learn how to silence anyone who doesn’t agree that 97% of scientists believe civilization will be destroyed if we don’t ban fossil fuels. Rewrite history to eliminate inconvenient predictions of doom that never materialized, spewed by climate prophets turned millionaires.

Look the other way as the polar bear population booms and ice refuses to disappear from the arctic ocean. Promote any article that blames bad weather, political instability, and mental illness on carbon dioxide. Fan fears of nuclear energy to avoid distracting policymakers from promoting wind and solar. Block heretics from posting material showing how premature overreliance on wind and solar is destabilizing electrical grids, causing blackouts.

You may laugh at woke librarians, but the future belongs to us if we can control what people believe about the past and present.

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