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Come on, MIT stopped taking Putin’s money. Don’t take away Xi Jinping’s!

How is a STEM university with an $18 billion dollar endowment that gets $500 million a year from the federal government supposed to survive without taking money from despots? We have a huge DEI workforce to support dedicated to eliminating racism, indigenizing science, and making the world safe for all 72 genders!

It was bad enough when the Skoltech boondoggle blew up after our patron invaded Ukraine. Now Mike Pompeo is trying to shame us into getting off the payroll of the Communist Party of China? Does he have any idea how much money we rake in training Chinese students whose government pays their full tuition in return for them spying on their classmates? How else are these cadres supposed to go home and build AI-assisted, mass-surveillance, fully automated luxury communism without a solid MIT education?

MIT’s Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson repeatedly predicted that communist economic planning would propel the GDP of the Soviet Union past that of the US. OK, so he got the country and the date wrong. But that’s because they didn’t have modern digital technology. MIT can provide that!

Please don’t let this become an issue that threatens our ability to build a better world.

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