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MIT FIRE report reveals Woke takeover of STEM not yet complete

In disturbing news indicating more work needs to be done, there appear to be MIT faculty members and students who have not yet been bullied into silence. This despite a decade of mandatory DEI re-education, highly publicized cancellations, an unaccountable microaggression punishment swat team, and a Chancellor who insists Science be racialized, deheteronormalized, and decolonized.

A recent report titled “MIT Institutional Health” by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression lays out the bad news. “FIRE’s survey of MIT faculty reveals that faculty are mostly supportive of academic freedom and would like the administration to do its part to improve the climate for free expression at the institution.” The horror!

What’s worse, when asked about requiring obsequious diversity statements from prospective faculty hires, “nearly half of MIT faculty (46%) say that such statements are “an ideological litmus test that violates academic freedom.” Who? Take down their names!

We call on MIT’s new president to demand obedience to the ideology commissars installed in every department and program. What’s the point of spending $20M+ per year employing DEI apparatchiks if faculty and students feel unafraid to question their diktats?

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