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LGBTQIA+ advocates furious at being excluded from climate justice confab

“The Imperative of Justice: Incubating Community-Engaged and Indigenous-led Climate Justice Research Partnerships” is the latest offering from MIT’s Center for Intersectional Hegemony. This first of its kind event applies Indigenous Ancestral Knowledge, virtual reality storytelling, and ecological architectural design to solve the existential global warming crisis.

LGBTQIA+ advocates were stunned at being left out. “How can these people pretend to be inclusive while leaving queer ways of knowing out of the equation?” huffed Muncher Tapete, president of MIT’s LGBTQIA+ advocacy.

MIT’s strategic plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition makes it clear that the lived experience of all favored identity groups must be proportionately included in every program and initiative. Denigrating queer contributions to climate justice unfairly marginalizes one of the most rapidly growing and persistently victimized segments of MIT’s diverse community.

Plans were being made to protest this exclusionary event by shaming the attendees and shouting down the speakers. Protestors planning to attend can register here. Please arrive early so you can receive your bullhorns and authentic hand lettered protest signs. The event is open to the public.

Story suggested by Mark Felt.

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