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Sloanies proudly monetize female neuroses

Are you a female-identifying Millennial recently released from the educational cocoon into the real world? Have you been rudely confronted by the need to become productive in an environment that doesn’t cater to your every fear, anxiety, insecurity, and desperate craving for constant affirmation, safety, and acceptance? Well, you are not alone!

Rugged individualism, toxic masculinity, and aggressive competition are out. Communitarianism, safetyism, and lifelong nurturing are in. The new world order is a feminine world order, and Something Brazen is here to help.

Founded by life-long community curators and gender equity nerds with freshly minted MBAs, “Something Brazen helps Millennial women find their professional community when they need it most. 60% of millennial women experience professional isolation and loneliness. Our initial offering features in-person professional support groups of 5-7 women guided by trained facilitators.”

Hi, my name is Sally. It’s been sixteen days since being called by the wrong pronoun triggered a panic attack.

Hats off to MIT Sloan School for recognizing another growth business positioned to leverage the power of preferred identities. Enjoy the warm and fuzzy glow of belonging as the sun sets on Western Civilization, taking the patriarchy down with it.

Story suggested by Curious Kit.

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