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Lecture series by celebrated MIT alumni on ethics, virtue, and social justice

Famous MIT alums teach ethics

The new MIT doesn’t just teach its students to be great scientists and engineers. In recent years it has begun devoting substantial resources to inculcating strong values that will guide its graduates toward building a better world. Part of that requires turning its most promising alumni into national role models that can help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion while spreading the philosophy of effective altruism to counter greed and selfishness.

Assuming they can get out on bail, celebrated nuclear waste expert and non-binary fashion maven Sam Brinton and cryptocoin billionaire and patron of right-minded politicians Sam Bankman-Fried will keynote a new lecture series on ethics, virtue, and social justice offered by MIT’s School of Arts, Humanities, and Socialist Scientism.

“What could be a more splendid example of my lasting legacy,” exclaimed outgoing president L. Rafael Reif as he hosted one more dance party before cleaning out his desk. “Pay no attention to the jealous detractors of these upstanding individuals, I’m sure their good works will outshine the minor difficulties they’ve recently encountered.”

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