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Clandestine cabal of student satirists uncovered at MIT. Who are these guys?

Publishing under a series of different mastheads mocking MIT’s authorized student newspaper, an irreverent samizdat webzine appears to have been operating with impunity under the noses of MIT’s normally vigilant thought police. Past issues can be found here, with the next semi-annual release expected momentarily.

“We are shocked, shocked to learn that this has been going on for so long!” barked the Obergruppenführer of MIT’s Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office. “Each issue is jam packed with insulting mischaracterizations of MIT’s exalted leaders, derogatory comments about sacred institute policies, and other actionable offenses unbecoming of properly browbeaten students. This demands an immediate investigation by our growing staff of overpaid case managers.”

The publisher of the Babbling Beaver offers lifetime employment as a staff writer or illustrator to any past or present student involved with this outrage. Please contact us at

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