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MIT announces new department of racial sciences

MIT’s Nobel Prize winning scientists have worked for decades trying to unify the four fundamental forces of nature – electromagnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. In a eureka moment that would stop naked Archimedes in his tracks, the key to the long sought Unified Field Theory has been found to be the addition of a fifth force more potent than them all. Black power.

From climate science to architecture, biology to medicine, psychology to economics, Critical Race Theory, Disparate Impact Analysis, and DEI pedagogy have conclusively proven that race is the prime determinant of all significant outcomes. Yet because Western science is rife with systemic racism, no one has ever tried to reduce black power to mathematical form, a prerequisite for reconciliation with the other fundamental forces.

MIT’s new department of racial sciences was established to correct that injustice. With an interdisciplinary faculty comprised of professors carefully recruited based on their mix of racial, gender, and sexual preference identities, the creative power of diversity will surely unlock the ultimate secrets of the universe.

Such progressive reconciliation of multiple scientific disciplines hasn’t been seen since the high point of the Eugenics movement 100 years ago.

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  1. Roger L. Yaseen

    OMG!! Too wonderful not to believe. Tell me it’s so.!


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