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Testosterone-free Diversity

Source: MIT Media Lab website

If design justice is your name, emasculation is your game.

It is an article of inviolable faith that diversity and inclusion are fundamental requirements for any team to work effectively, achieve its potential, and deliver just and equitable solutions. And nothing says diversity like an all-female team dedicated to ensuring “ethics, equity, and justice in design fields, including engineering design, engineering education, nuclear engineering, and human-robot interaction.”

It is especially important to privilege perspectives free of toxic masculinity when advancing pedagogies designed to examine how “the potential benefits, burdens, and harms created by technologies are distributed on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, gender, disability, and sexuality.” After all, there is no room for patriarchy if you seek to “achieve intersectional equity as part of the design work.”

You can count on these empowered womxn to advance “humanitarian engineering” in order to “escape the ‘social captivity of engineering’ by capitalism or nationalism or some other form of wealth and power.” Nice job, MIT. Oberlin here we come!


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